Enterprise Solutions

Crenno, by listening and analyzing the requirements of enterprises, develops mobile solutions according to the needs and wants of the enterprises. These solutions ease the internal processes of enterprises, decrease their cost and create success stories.

Digital Publishing

Crenno offers to the publishers who own a printed publication (book, magazine, newspaper, catalog etc.), a media management platform that can transform their publication into the digital media. Crenno Digital Publishing Platform, by using the state-of-the-art technology, brings many important advantages for both the Reader and the Publisher.


After mobile devices entered into our lives as such, governments understood the importance of mobile technologies and are turning to m-government solutions for being more connected with their citizens and being more responsive to them. At this point, Crenno provides solutions to governments so that they can “touch” their citizens and offer features to make their lives easier.

Carrier Solutions

Crenno provides successful mobile application solutions to GSM operators so that operators use these mobile applications both for offering to their customers and the amelioration of their own business processes inside the company.


Having fun is a need for all of us. When you get bored, you have to wait for something, traveling with the bus or without having any reason, you can individually or with a group of friends play and enjoy the games that Crenno offers to you.