With Bebek iPhone application it is now easy to find a name for your baby! Bebek application is very smart; it keeps more than 12.000 names from 13 different origins in its memory. With the Bebek application:

• You can make searches between these names according to the meaning and name,
• While making searches you can choose the origin and the gender of the name,
• You can add the names you liked to your favorites for not searching again,
• You can share names with your beloved ones through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or you can mail them,
• You can just try your luck and see one of these 12.000 names simply by shaking your phone,
• Furthermore, you can analyze the harmony between the names you find, or compare your name and the name you are thinking of giving to your baby phonetically.

All of these nice features are added with a very nice visual interface. Enjoy!