Great Success from CRENNO, We’re proudly announced that, Hi-Tech Know-How Export to Israel is started by CRENNO

Last quarter of 2014, CRENNO mainly focused on mobile technology security and increased the know-how capabilities in this subject, which also direct our experts into the mobile software testing automation, automation software. In this technology line, our experts getting know-how with their extensive research and development which results a demand creator knowledge base. At this point, CRENNO market this knowledge to all over the world, and we proudly announce that we’ve started hi-tech know-how export to Israel Hi-Tech companies, not a regular customer, not from a developing country. Directly to a technology development country’s technology companies. This is a very great success and we’re proud to have these technology experts in our company. And special thanks to TripleTes which is our first Israeli Hi-Tech Customer.