Words have always been at the heart of capturing and spreading human knowledge. Now printed knowledge is moving to dedicated e-readers, multipurpose tablets and other digital devices. This new way of thinking will trigger a profound change and will create new trends of content creation in the publishing ecosystem. Crenno takes place in the center of this formation and offers mobile solutions so that both publishers and readers can take place in this new publishing environment.


Features of Crenno Digital Publishing Platform:


Interactive Digital Contents

Digital Publishing platform enables Publishers to add, modify interactive contents to their publishments based on;

  •  Picture Gallery
  •  Videos
  •  Web Pages
  •  Interactive Buttons
  •  Interactive AD banners
  •  Links
  •  HTML5 Content



Easy Digital Content Management Interface

With Digital Publishing Platform,

  •  It’s easy to add, modify your new book, magazine, catalog or brochure.
  •  In minutes you can add your new publications, add customized content, separate it into categories etc.
  •  With publishment wizard, it’s just like uploading a file into web, that’s it


Ads in Digital Publications

With the assistance of digital content management system, you can easily define special areas for ads inside the pages and in the mobile applications. You can also have detailed reports about the hit number and display duration of these ads.

Interaction with Web-based Content

When readers read your publications, they can be directed to a website by clicking to a link. And for doing this they don’t even have to leave the digital publishing platform.


Instantaneous Statistics and Advanced Reporting

With Digital Publishing Platform, it’s easy to track how many people are reading your latest publication and get a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly report for your data.



Catalog Page Specific to Publication

Crenno Digital Publishing Platform comes with a catalog screening page that is suitable for most of the publications. If you want, you can customize this catalog page and create a page specific to your publication.


App Store Subscription System

In case you want to charge your customers for your publications, you can integrate Apple App Store to your application and in that way, you don’t have to use another e-commerce system to sell your publications.


Different Displays in Vertical and Horizontal Use

With Crenno Digital Publication Platform you can offer different display pages in vertical and horizontal use and increase the user experience by using advantages from both displays.

Printable Pages

In Crenno Digital Publishing Platform your readers can print the pages they like with one click. Of course if you authorize them to do. You can turn on and turn off this feature page by page or in the publication scope.

Favorite Pages ve Adding Bookmark

In Crenno Digital Publishing Platform readers can add a page to their favorite list and reach these pages later from the catalog screen. In addition, they can add bookmarks to the pages they want and continue reading the publication afterwards.

Integration to Social Networks with Just One Click

People who follow your publications can share the articles, news, photos or other digital contents that they are reading in their social network accounts with just one click.