In the fast moving and highly competitive market of telecommunications, GSM operators are not only facing the challenge of adopting new technologies into their own operations but are also struggling to retain their existing subscribers and to gain more revenue from them. As Crenno, we are addressing both of these challenges by providing mobile solutions to GSM operators in two domains: For Their Customers and For Their Own Internal Processes.


For customers, Crenno provides a range of solutions that allow mobile operators to generate new revenue streams by carrying operators’ existing services to the mobile world or by introducing new value-added services on mobile devices. We also offer carriers a number of revenue generating mobile marketing offerings targeting both commercial clients and end users. With our solutions GSM operators not only retain their existing customers through loyalty and subscription models but also acquire more customers by possessing various attractive mobile solutions. More importantly, through Crenno’s solutions, carriers gain more revenue by increasing the data usage of their customers from mobile devices and by creating new revenue models for operators.


Besides these customer solutions, Crenno also provides mobile solutions for operators’ themselves. We work closely with carriers’ related technical team for the integration of our solutions developed specifically for them into the existing infrastructure to provide a secure and reliable complete solution. Operators by using these solutions in their internal processes save time and money while carrying out their operations.