On the way of being the first and most successful company regarding to creativity and innovation

At 2009, with the help of different reinforcement, initiative was accelarated and CRENNO Technologies is established. We are a company established in associated dreams, CRENNO consists innovative and creative concepts nested eachother. With sub-brands, we aim to work in both Turkish and International Markets also, for positioning and selling our products and solutions, we always working on Reasearch and Development to make difference first.

At first the software team is established with a skeleton crew and then with combining the power of information systems team which have highly qualified know-how level, we make result oriented projects not only for our customers, but also their customers’ requirements.

Our company’s vision is to develop and invest on globally accepted and used software and innovative products. Also, with creativity and innovation, we aim to get the last and highest point of know-how to make unique and profitable products.

Globally analyzing and making result oriented solutions from this analyzes are very important in these days to become a leader company in the market. However, it is for sure that global economy shows its effects on every sector. We first pay attention when we developed and produced a product, it should not only a temporary solution for now, but also for the future it should bring benefits. Our development team spends most of the time for planning and designing of the projects which makes realistic and less problematic solutions and happy customers, this feature brings us user/customer centric and result oriented successful software company.

We know we have a long way to go, but we are strong enough to get success. I am glad to be a part of CRENNO and I need specially thank to my teams and my happy customers for sharing this hard but at the same time, delicious business life.